What Is Catchball?

Catchball is an adult women's sport, similar to Volleyball. The modern game developed from the old Newcomb that was originaly created in the United States.

Catchball is played by two teams on a Volleyball Court, with 6 players on each side of the net. The objective is to pass the ball and ground it on the opponent's court, all while preventing them from doing the same. Each team is allowed to touch the ball up to 3 times, and the opponents can try to block their spikes.

Catchball is played both recreationally and competitively, nation-wide, and around the globe. Every woman over the age of 25 can join.

Catchball does not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also women empowerment, social engagement, and community values.

Other names for Catchball are:
Throwball (India)
Cachibol (Mexico)
Kadureshet כדורשת (Israel)
Mamanet מאמאנט (Israel)