Mission Statement

Primary Objective

The organization's local objective is to act as the professional and educational entity for women’s Catchball, and to establish and develop the sports of Catchball in the state of GA.

Core Values

Women Empowerment: Cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters self-esteem, confidence, and self-love, enabling women to achieve their full potential.

Healthy Lifestyle: Promote healthy lifestyle choices to improve women's well-being through the impact of physical activity.

Social Engagement: Provide a welcoming and diverse space where women can build meaningful connections, fostering a strong network of support and belonging.

Inclusivity: Create a space where women of all backgrounds are welcomed, embraced, feel valued and empowered to thrive.

Israeli Connection: Create a friendly multi-cultural platform that promotes positive standpoint of Israeli-Atlanta women and of the Israeli Culture.

Community Values: Building vibrant communities through teamwork and shared experiences. The organization is led by a Board of Directors, dedicated to promoting and leveraging the sports of Catchball. The volunteering board members aid the local leagues with everyday management and ongoing operations, as well as produce a wide range of educational, recreational and competitive events throughout the year.