It all began in 2015 with a simple desire: Atlanta women wanting to connect and have fun.  A chance encounter with Catchball sparked something special.

Intrigued by the game's potential, a group of friends started meeting weekly. It wasn't long before Catchball's charm took hold.  They discovered it offered more than just friendly competition; it fostered a healthy lifestyle and a strong social bond.

Word spread like wildfire. Women across Atlanta yearned to join this unique social-recreational activity. Soon, the first Atlanta team formed.  Practice sessions intensified, igniting a competitive spirit. The quest for challenge led them to the USA Catchball Association, a gateway to professional development, training, and national tournaments.

This love for Catchball blossomed. New teams emerged, and a structured league materialized. Remarkably, Catchball has become one of the nation's fastest-growing adult women's sports. 

Today, Atlanta boasts a thriving league of five teams, with over 70 players practicing year-round.

But Catchball's impact transcends the field. It fosters a vibrant community, uniting women from diverse backgrounds. On and off the court, friendships solidify, and a strong sense of belonging flourishes.

This is the story of Atlanta Catchball – a testament to the power of a simple game to spark connection, competition, and community.